Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pasar Tamu/Sunday Market in Bt 7 Town and Bt 10 Town

Pasar Tamu Pekan Bt 7 and Pekan Batu 10.

Good day to all. First of all I would like to thanks all visitors to my blog who had visited my blog despite the fact that it has not being updated for almost 4 months. There are still more tourist attractions in Sri Aman and I will cover them in my next posting.
Today posting I am going to cover some interesting places in a place where I am staying. In Kuching especially when you are new to Kuching, sometimes one find it difficult to find a place where you can buy jungle products and vegetables in one place. In Kuching other than in Satok Sunday market, one can buy jungle products and variety of vegetables in Sunday Market located at Mile 7 town (Kota Sentosa Town) and Mile 10th town (Kota Padawan). Although both of the tamus are smaller in size compare to Satok Market but one still can find variety of jungle products and vegetables. And the best things about these two tamus compare to Satok market, the crowd is smaller........

Where are Mile 7 and Mile 10 Towns

For those of you who still do know a way or location of both of the towns (Kota Sentosa and Kota Padawan), Please refer to the map below.

Pasar Tamu/Sunday Market Kota Sentosa/Pasar Bt 7

You can buy a vege at RM 1.00.

Pasar Tamu/Sunday Market Kota Padawan/Pasar Bt 10

For those of you who wish to buy jungle products in Kuching, the best place for you to visit is either Kota Sentosa or Kota Padawan. Happy shopping!


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