Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Spring Shopping Complex In Kuching Sarawak

Saturday, 26th June 2010

The Spring Mall - Largest shopping Mall in SARAWAK - Owned and built by PSB Realty Development Sdn Bhd. Mr. James Ling - director of The Spring developer PSB Realty Development Sdn Bhd
Where is the Spring Mall located? Please look at the goggle Map below:


What is so special about the Spring?

MBO Cinemas

MBO Cinemas opened its eight-screen Cineplex in June 2009. Its first in East Malaysia. The Cineplex, located on the top floor of The Spring shopping mall have a total seating capacity of 1,584 with the largest hall accommodating 426 patrons. The Cinema cost RM 8 millions.
The Cineplex has a 3D projector and “couple seats” for pairs. One hall designated for couple seats which can accommodate about 50 couples. The 3D projector will be MBO’s first and placed in the largest hall.

Above : Front view of the main entrance of the mall This two storey new shopping mall is designed by New Zealand’s Warren & Mahoney

Below: Back entrance of the mall is just across the road of Kenyalang Park

Situated along a main thoroughfare in a high profile neighborhood of South Kuching, the two-storey mall will have 350,000sq ft of space and 1,500 car-parking bays, with entrances/exits from all four directions.
The RM150 million project was designed by a New Zealand-based architectural firm, Warren & Mahoney, which has a strong influence on retail outlet concepts and the built environment in that country.

The Spring give Sarawakians as well as visitors to the Sarawak a rewarding shopping experience, with a wide range of retail choice. This would also make the city “more
Perbena Emas, builder of The Spring, is a construction company incorporated in 1977 and the shopping mall is its maiden venture into property development, on a site it purchased 12 years ago.
Both Perbena Emas and PSB Realty come under Pan-Sarawak Co Sdn Bhd, which started off in the timber trade and then moved on to building and construction materials and air-conditioning supplies.
The group has carried out major building and infrastructure work in Sarawak, including civil structure work for the Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas plant in Bintulu, the Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching as well as the Hock Lee Centre and Wisma STA in Kuching.

Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd’s second outlet in Kuching, The Spring was declared open by Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud in January 2008
The outlet, Parkson’s largest in East Malaysia, boasts a floor space of 102,500 square feet over three floors and is the anchor tenant of The Spring. Total investment for the outlet amounted to RM12-15mil, with more than 50% supported by suppliers.
The new outlet housed a beauty hall offering international brands, a floor dedicated to men’s and women’s fashions, and a floor for children’s apparel and home accessories. Shoppers have a choice of almost 300 brands of merchandise, many of which are being featured for the first time in Kuching,

Ground Floor

Starbucks recently opened its second outlet in Kuching. Located at The Spring, Kuching’s latest shopping mall, the new outlet occupies 1,484 square feet indoors and 274 square feet outdoors.
Starbucks offers a variety of pastries, cakes and salads on top of its espresso, frappuccino and coffee beverages.
Starbucks The Spring open daily from 9am to 11pm and offers free Wi-Fi service to customers. When you feel painful using a dial-up at home, come here and connect to the broadband Wi-Fi for your email.
Starbucks’ first outlet here opened at Kuching International Airport in 2007.

Axxezz - The Spring

A potpourri of beautiful, intricate accessories grace the colorful interiors of Axxezz, the Malaysian -grown brand known for its contemporary jeweler collection befitting for all occasions.
Located at the first floor of Kuching's latest shopping mall, The Spring, this is the first outlet in Sarawak for Axxezz (pronounced Ak-cess) having established several other outlets in countries such as UAE, Pakistan, the Philippines and of course, Malaysia, since 1998.
Born out of its creator, Gina Frias-Himpe's passion for fashion jewelleries and inspired by her travels to the east and west, its designs go beyond seasonal trends to please every personal style.

At Axxezz, one's journey there is like an everlasting fairytale where each chapter happily ends with the one's finding of the perfect accessories while the next chapter begins with the anticipation of this blossom's new exciting collection.

Their color-coordinated collection each feature all-season pieces that come in playful yet classy styles ranging from chunky beaded chain necklaces to feathery dangling earrings, thus enabling customers to shop for a particular jeweler piece with ease.

Fashionable one-of-a-kind pieces from the outlet here include a variety of sparkly accents that spice up bohemian fantasy pieces to romantic rosettes in demure classics. Mother of pearls sit artfully clustered in brass settings, while Swarovski crystals grace slinky velvet chokers reminiscent of bygone romance. And, as if in choreographed mismatch, chunky jewel-bright gemstones on retro gold brooches present a petal play amidst dyed beads that trickle down fringed pieces in tribal charm.

The brand, which is denoted by a single lime-green and turquoise blossom, also presents the young ones with the Axxezz Kidz Klek Kleh Collection which was inspired by little girls with hair scraped back in braids and ponytails. The collection is a charming and colorful confection of adorable fashion accessories comprising sweet candy-pink party pouches to tactile lace hair bands and fun trinkets. Each pretty piece is richly detailed with bright, playful accents that celebrate the flower fairy in children.

Apart from that, Axxezz has also made a head start with hats that feature all the brand's signature , details. Beribboned, bowed or beaded, the Axxezz hat is versatile and adaptable whether it is to lend volume and structure to the attire, to mix and match an outfit, or to accent an entire get-up.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pasar Tamu/Sunday Market in Bt 7 Town and Bt 10 Town

Pasar Tamu Pekan Bt 7 and Pekan Batu 10.

Good day to all. First of all I would like to thanks all visitors to my blog who had visited my blog despite the fact that it has not being updated for almost 4 months. There are still more tourist attractions in Sri Aman and I will cover them in my next posting.
Today posting I am going to cover some interesting places in a place where I am staying. In Kuching especially when you are new to Kuching, sometimes one find it difficult to find a place where you can buy jungle products and vegetables in one place. In Kuching other than in Satok Sunday market, one can buy jungle products and variety of vegetables in Sunday Market located at Mile 7 town (Kota Sentosa Town) and Mile 10th town (Kota Padawan). Although both of the tamus are smaller in size compare to Satok Market but one still can find variety of jungle products and vegetables. And the best things about these two tamus compare to Satok market, the crowd is smaller........

Where are Mile 7 and Mile 10 Towns

For those of you who still do know a way or location of both of the towns (Kota Sentosa and Kota Padawan), Please refer to the map below.

Pasar Tamu/Sunday Market Kota Sentosa/Pasar Bt 7

You can buy a vege at RM 1.00.

Pasar Tamu/Sunday Market Kota Padawan/Pasar Bt 10

For those of you who wish to buy jungle products in Kuching, the best place for you to visit is either Kota Sentosa or Kota Padawan. Happy shopping!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marvin's Birthday Dinner at Chicken Hartz Kuching

Tonight, 23rd May 2009 the whole family inclusive my baby sitter who is also my husband cousin Icha , having our dinner at Chicken Hertz Satok branch.

It was a birthday dinner to celebrate my second son Marvin 16th birthday. Actually Marvin birthday falls on 24th May that is tomorrow. But Sunday is always a busy day for us therefore my hubby and I had decided to celebrate it tonight instead.

Chicken Hertz has two branches in Kuching. One is located at Sarawak Plaza and another branch at Satok. Because Sarawak plaza area is always very busy on Saturday night so we chosed to have Marvin's birthday dinner at Satok branch.

The dinner started before 7.00pm. At first everyone was very excited to take their share but after few drumsticks of chicken, Nicole Helena my only daughter started to complain about the for the rest of us, after 4-5 pieces of chicken we started to compare the taste of the chicken wing served here with the one serves by KFC ....Human being will never satisfy..

As for the birthday boy Marvin Ningkan, the thing that he hate most is eating. But tonight he eat 4 pieces of chicken. As for Leonnard he really love the food especially chicken. Tonight he only ate 5 pieces of chicken...below my expectation but I still Congratulate him as 5 pieces of chicken is considered a good performance....

Olivero Manding started-off with Spaghetti but halfway through he complained about the taste and went to get the ice-cream. As for the chicken, he only managed to finish 2 pieces ....A dismayed performance.
As For Kenneth, my eldest , he was still the champion. He ate more than 6 pieces of Chicken. Eventhough still champion but his score was lower compared to the first time that we ate here about two years back. Last time he managed to eat 7 pieces of chicken.
After everyone could not continued with their food (remember Chicken Hertz is a Eat as Much as You Could family restaurant) so left the restaurant at quarter to nine. Eventhough the taste of the chicken served was no matched with KFC chicken but everyone seemed to enjoy the dinner so much especially my hubby who had to readjust his belt in order to eat few more chickens.
To my son Marvin, the whole family would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and study hard. And to my long serving baby sitter and my husband cousin.."happy retirement" and thank you so much for being with this family for the past 10 years..

Thank You...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Visit Sri Aman Sarawak - The Town of Bujang Senang and Tidal Wave

The Sri Aman Division is one of the eleven administrative divisions in Sarawak, east Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Formerly part of the second Division, Sri Aman Division has a total area of 5,466.7 square kilometers.

It was formerly known as Simanggang District but was later name as Sri Aman as this is the place where PARAKU(Parti Rakyat Kalimantan Utara) a communist party operated in Borneo particularly Sarawak signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Sarawak government in year 1973. PARAKU was represented by its Commander BONG KEE CHOK whereas Sarawak government by its Chief Minister at that time Abdul Rahman Yaakob (different from Tunku Abdul Rahman). Sri Aman was chosen where "Aman" means peacefulness. Sri Aman brings the meaning of "Town of peace" and therefore pigeons became the symbol of Sri Aman as pigeons symbolized peacefulness.

Sri Aman town is one of the most crime free town in Malaysia. Its crime rate is among the lowest in Malaysia. For those who wants to visit Sri Aman, the population of Sri Aman who is culturally mixed, with mostly Iban, Malay and Chinese predominating would be very happy to welcome you all to their peaceful and beautiful town.

There are plenty of interesting place and event to name a few Pesta Benak celebrates in May, the Mount Hosanna Chapel , Wong Tapang Rumput , Batang Ai National Park, the Maludam National Park and some other tourism activities such as eco-tourism and cultural tourism to the Iban longhouses. Some of the landdmarks and important features in Sri Aman are :-

Aerial View of Sri Aman Town

Aerial View of Sri Aman Town

For those who really cannot avoid from going to KFC, dont worry you still can eat your favourite recipe while in Sri Aman as KFC is also available here.

Row of new building in Sri Aman.

The only temple around eventhough it was built not in a suitable place (as it occupies most of the Batang Lupar river bank) but with it new look, its becomes part of tourists attraction especially during Tidal Wave Festival or locally known as Pesta Benak .

The newest building in Sri Aman town.....

Down memory lane - The only theatre in Sri Aman. In early 70's when Hindustan movie was very popular among local the theatre was at it peaks and alway full of hindustani movie goers. But in early 90's due to tough competition with mini theatre and the LCD player, the theatre was closed and since then it was converted to commercial centre.

Row of Shops in Sri Aman town -Combination of new and old building

New Building own by Sarawak Electricity Supply Company (SESCO)

Majlis Perbandaran Sri Aman (MPSA) Building

MARA Building - For our muslim friends you can find your halal food at this building

Hoover Hotel and Everise Shopping Complex

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