Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marvin's Birthday Dinner at Chicken Hartz Kuching

Tonight, 23rd May 2009 the whole family inclusive my baby sitter who is also my husband cousin Icha , having our dinner at Chicken Hertz Satok branch.

It was a birthday dinner to celebrate my second son Marvin 16th birthday. Actually Marvin birthday falls on 24th May that is tomorrow. But Sunday is always a busy day for us therefore my hubby and I had decided to celebrate it tonight instead.

Chicken Hertz has two branches in Kuching. One is located at Sarawak Plaza and another branch at Satok. Because Sarawak plaza area is always very busy on Saturday night so we chosed to have Marvin's birthday dinner at Satok branch.

The dinner started before 7.00pm. At first everyone was very excited to take their share but after few drumsticks of chicken, Nicole Helena my only daughter started to complain about the for the rest of us, after 4-5 pieces of chicken we started to compare the taste of the chicken wing served here with the one serves by KFC ....Human being will never satisfy..

As for the birthday boy Marvin Ningkan, the thing that he hate most is eating. But tonight he eat 4 pieces of chicken. As for Leonnard he really love the food especially chicken. Tonight he only ate 5 pieces of chicken...below my expectation but I still Congratulate him as 5 pieces of chicken is considered a good performance....

Olivero Manding started-off with Spaghetti but halfway through he complained about the taste and went to get the ice-cream. As for the chicken, he only managed to finish 2 pieces ....A dismayed performance.
As For Kenneth, my eldest , he was still the champion. He ate more than 6 pieces of Chicken. Eventhough still champion but his score was lower compared to the first time that we ate here about two years back. Last time he managed to eat 7 pieces of chicken.
After everyone could not continued with their food (remember Chicken Hertz is a Eat as Much as You Could family restaurant) so left the restaurant at quarter to nine. Eventhough the taste of the chicken served was no matched with KFC chicken but everyone seemed to enjoy the dinner so much especially my hubby who had to readjust his belt in order to eat few more chickens.
To my son Marvin, the whole family would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and study hard. And to my long serving baby sitter and my husband cousin.."happy retirement" and thank you so much for being with this family for the past 10 years..

Thank You...

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