Friday, April 3, 2009

Visit Sri Aman-The City Of Bujang Senang and A Tidal Bore - Mount Hosanna

Mount Hosanna Chapel is another tourist attraction in Sri Aman. It's located 33 km away from Sri Aman town.

The church is only open on Sunday, and close most of the week from Monday to Saturday.

According to one of the local that we met outside the church, the church will be normally full on Sunday. It recieves the visits from all types of people and believes, from inside or outside Sarawak such as from Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia and the tourists. Normaly people came to the church to pray for their health.

The church is not that far from the main road and can be seen clearly. For those who are looking for alternative way for healing, Mount Hosanna Chapel is the most suitable place for you to come and pray for your own or your love one health.

Welcome to Sri Aman.

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