Friday, April 10, 2009

Visit Sri Aman Sarawak - The Town of Bujang Senang and Tidal Wave

The Sri Aman Division is one of the eleven administrative divisions in Sarawak, east Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Formerly part of the second Division, Sri Aman Division has a total area of 5,466.7 square kilometers.

It was formerly known as Simanggang District but was later name as Sri Aman as this is the place where PARAKU(Parti Rakyat Kalimantan Utara) a communist party operated in Borneo particularly Sarawak signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Sarawak government in year 1973. PARAKU was represented by its Commander BONG KEE CHOK whereas Sarawak government by its Chief Minister at that time Abdul Rahman Yaakob (different from Tunku Abdul Rahman). Sri Aman was chosen where "Aman" means peacefulness. Sri Aman brings the meaning of "Town of peace" and therefore pigeons became the symbol of Sri Aman as pigeons symbolized peacefulness.

Sri Aman town is one of the most crime free town in Malaysia. Its crime rate is among the lowest in Malaysia. For those who wants to visit Sri Aman, the population of Sri Aman who is culturally mixed, with mostly Iban, Malay and Chinese predominating would be very happy to welcome you all to their peaceful and beautiful town.

There are plenty of interesting place and event to name a few Pesta Benak celebrates in May, the Mount Hosanna Chapel , Wong Tapang Rumput , Batang Ai National Park, the Maludam National Park and some other tourism activities such as eco-tourism and cultural tourism to the Iban longhouses. Some of the landdmarks and important features in Sri Aman are :-

Aerial View of Sri Aman Town

Aerial View of Sri Aman Town

For those who really cannot avoid from going to KFC, dont worry you still can eat your favourite recipe while in Sri Aman as KFC is also available here.

Row of new building in Sri Aman.

The only temple around eventhough it was built not in a suitable place (as it occupies most of the Batang Lupar river bank) but with it new look, its becomes part of tourists attraction especially during Tidal Wave Festival or locally known as Pesta Benak .

The newest building in Sri Aman town.....

Down memory lane - The only theatre in Sri Aman. In early 70's when Hindustan movie was very popular among local the theatre was at it peaks and alway full of hindustani movie goers. But in early 90's due to tough competition with mini theatre and the LCD player, the theatre was closed and since then it was converted to commercial centre.

Row of Shops in Sri Aman town -Combination of new and old building

New Building own by Sarawak Electricity Supply Company (SESCO)

Majlis Perbandaran Sri Aman (MPSA) Building

MARA Building - For our muslim friends you can find your halal food at this building

Hoover Hotel and Everise Shopping Complex

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