Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visit Sri Aman-The City Of Bujang Senang and Tidal Bore

Sri Aman is located 175km north of Kuching, the capital City of Sarawak. It is known of its popular Batang Lupar river – the house for the giant legendary crocodile known as Bujang Senang or literary translate as the “Easy Warrior”, and the mighty tidal wave or known as “Benak” by the local people. There is a lot of popular tourist attractions in Sri Aman, but today I am going to introduce this interesting place, the Tapang Rumput picnic spot.

Tapang Rumput is located at 35km Sri Aman-Kuching Road. This Notice Board can be seen clearly showing the direction of the reacreation spot. Some of the nice spots for bathing - clear spring water that flows from Kelingkang Range, the longest range in Borneo and International Boarder for Indonesia-Malaysia/Sarawak.

The facilities available at Rumput Tapang - Public Toilet and enough space for car park.

Due to lacking of promotion by the local authorithy (Sri Aman City Council) that manage the recreation spot, not many visitors came to visit the place

For those who would like to feel the cool spring water from the heart of Borneo, Tapang Rumput is the best Recreation spot for you

"Welcome to Sri Aman"!

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